Darien Junior Football League: Modified Travel Flag Football

Boys, Girls    3rd, 4th    Football    Travel Team    Fall    Darien


“In Modified Travel Flag Football, players will wear full equipment and are taught basic and advanced football skills. Players are taught proper blocking techniques, ball handling, and other football skills. Tackling is not allowed and like in traditional flag football, flags are used to down ball carriers. This approach will allow new players to focus on developing proper football skills and techniques and slowly develop a safe understanding of the game of football as they move through DJFL. 3rd-grade Modified Travel Flag will be offered as opposed to traditional tackle football. This will not affect our traditional flag offering in 3rd grade. Third graders can choose either Modified Travel Flag or traditional flag but not both. Fourth graders can choose either Modified Travel Flag or traditional tackle football but not both. As Modified Travel Flag is a travel program, DJFL will play other towns in the FCFL.”

Plan for three practices per week with a game on the weekend.

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